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Fast Response&Immediate Drying Are Crucial To Prevent Mold

Did you know that? 

Water damage is the 2nd most damaging and costly event that happens inside of your home? Only fire damage can become more destructive and costly. Water Damage is also commonly known as Flood Damage when it happens inside of your home or business.

Mold and mildew are easily preventable but time is not on your side!

A simple ice maker leak or leaking supply line to your faucet or a toilet overflow can cause hidden water damage inside you walls, to your cabinets, drywall and framing, and wood floors due to wicking and water migration. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are high risk areas and are excellent candidates for mold growth if they become wet.

After flood damage occurs in your home or business abnormal moisture trapped within your home can cause microscopic mold spores to begin to germinate at an alarming rate feeding on organic materials, wood, drywall paper etc. in as little as 48-hours. Moisture feeds mold and in time if left untreated, mold will follow if damp areas not properly dried.

Immediate action and drying are necessary because the longer the moisture and humidity remains in your home or business the more harmful and destructive it becomes leading to Mold contamination.

Water Damage + An Organic Food Source + Time = MOLD!

Your home is your most valuable asset and people need to know what you have to do in order to make sure that your home is dry and a safe place to live in afterwards.

Reasons To Hire Flood Doctors Who Are Mold Certified Professionals

• You see visible mold growth inside your home or business
• You home smells musty or has mildew or moldyodors
• Your allergies or asthma are worse when you are inside
• Your pets have been sick

What Does Mold Look Like?

We Protect What matters Most!

Your Home & Your Loved Ones Health, Including Your Pets

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Water Damage Restoration San Diego

Did you know that? Water damage causes more damage to your home than any other of the most common mishaps that happens inside of your home?  Only fire damage can become more destructive and costly. Water Damage is also commonly known as Flood Damage when it happens inside of your home or business.

A simple ice maker leak or leaking supply line to your faucet or toilet can cause hidden water damage inside you walls, to your cabinets, drywall and framing, andwood floors due to wicking. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are high risk areas and are excellent candidates for mold growth if they become wet.

Water Damage Restoration San Diego-Mold Prevention

Mold and mildew are easily preventable but time is not on your side!  Abnormal moisture in your home may cause microscopic mold spores to begin to germinate at an alarming rate on organic materials, wood, drywall paper etc. in as little as 48-hours.  Water damage restoration in San Diego is necessary to prevent mold and mildew in your home or business.


It is crucial to immediately begin drying any water damaged areas within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth.  Flooded wet carpets hardwood flooring, and cabinetry all can be dried and saved and restored if caught in time.

Moisture testing should be performed as soon as possible by an IICRC trained professional using moisture metersto locate and detect any abnormal moisture content in drywall, sill plates and framing between walls, wood flooring, carpets and pad.

This will determine exactly what is wet, where it’s wet and what needs to be dried.Moisture testing should be performed daily to determine if water damaged materials are drying. Dehumidifiers and air movers are necessary to remove abnormal moisture and humidity.

Immediate action is also necessary because the longer the moisture and humidity remains in your home the more harmful and destructive it becomes leading to Mold contamination.

Water Damage + An Organic Food Source + Time = MOLD!

Will your insurance policy cover San Diego water damage? It depends how the water entered your house or business. Insurance or not you must repair and dry your house of business inSan Diegofrom water damage. Your home is your most valuable asset and people need to know what you have to do in order to make sure that your home is dry and a safe place to live in afterwards.

Flood Doctors 24/7 Emergency Water Removal, Water Damage Restoration, Mold removal and prevention and restorative drying services throughout San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, Ramona, Poway, El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside, Alpine and the greater San Diego counties. Visit at

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Why Raised Floor Systems are Still the Best Choice for a Computer Room?

While many facilities are rethinking the use of raised floor systems, turning instead to suspended ceilings and other alternatives, access floors still remain the best choice for a computer room in virtually all cases. That's because raised floors offer advantages currently unavailable through other means, including grounding, safe management of computer equipment and cables, the ability to distribute a heavy load and, of course, flexibility. After all, access floors were designed specifically for computer rooms, so it comes as no surprise that alternative methods are still unable to match them. Here are several reasons why raised floor systems are still the most common choice in data centers and computer rooms across the United States.

1. Even Distribution of Weight
Raised floor systems are designed to distribute a heavy weight load equally over the whole floor, which is more important than ever as equipment has become more dense and server cabinets heavier. For very heavy loads, an all steel floor filled with concrete should be considered, as these raised floor tiles offer great rolling load protection and stationary equipment protection. It's also important to have the grid under the raised floor bolted for very heavy loads. Bolting the stringers, or cross-pieces, to the pedestal, or floor jacks, creates a very rigid grid even when individual raised floor tiles are removed.

2. Easy Management of Cables
The extensive network of cables to computer equipment may be safely and easily concealed under the raised floor tiles, which means a safe environment for personnel with no trip hazards. This also means cabling is not subjected to long-term exposure to heat in a hot aisle, which can deteriorate insulation. Raised floors provide a clean, neat-looking installation by keeping cabling out of sight yet easily accessible.

3. Effective Airflow Management
While there are many ways to manage airflow to sensitive equipment in today's computer rooms, no option offers the versatility of the access floor. Raised floors make hot- and cold-aisle containment easier, as all of the cabling is under the floor so partitions may be installed quickly and painlessly. Raised floors can also be updated and modified to improve airflow to equipment with the use of grates and perforated raised floor tiles. This will allow for the efficient cooling of high-density loads and insure cold air is strategically routed to equipment.

This advantage is even more clear when compared to overhead air distribution, which usually reduces air quality by carrying pollutants upward. Overhead air distribution also makes temperature control difficult, as mixed air has a uniform temperature that is usually either too hot or too cold, while energy use is increased because warm air rises and more energy is necessary to push cold air down.

4. Raised Floors Offer Much Needed Flexibility
One of the biggest benefits to a raised floor is the flexibility it offers. The type and location of raised floor tiles is easy to change or exchange, and temperature and air quality may be maintained by adding floor diffusers. Facilities preparing for an upgrade also enjoy easy access to the underfloor space to update technology with minimal disruption.

5. Service Outlets are Easier to Cut
Unlike relying on wall outlets, which require positioning computers in specific locations and running cabling across the floor, access floor systems make it easy to simply install new service outlets. This offers a greater amount of flexibility in terms of upgrades and reorganization.

6. Raised Floors Offer Grounding
Finally, raised floors offer grounding as well. That's because raised floors make it easy to tie into the building ground and, while the floors themselves are not grounded, they offer protection against static dissipation. For computer rooms in which static is a concern, high pressure laminate computer floor tiles are preferred because they dissipate static into the floor system.

Spring Cleaning Services in Miami

Nothing beats the Spring season than getting your lawn and greenery ready for the months of sun. The only way to do it this year is to hire the lawn service. Miami has a number of great companies to choose from that will make your home or office space looking it's best all the way to Fall. You will know that you home or office will be looking its' best this year because you took the time to find the professional people that handle all landscaping.

It takes skill to trim grass and manage all the trees and plants that Miami has to offer. This is why there are people that handle all the landscaping. Miami has beautiful people running all around so it only makes sense that the scenery match. Apartment complexes, office buildings, home owners associations and banking facilities love when they have chosen the people that handle the lawn service. Miami has made sure that its' workers are qualified and will make everything look its' best.

These folks know how to make rock look fresh without any of the pesky weeds and the mulch back together spread out magnificently. They will even lay all the rock and mulch down for you if you wanted to get rid of your grass and go for an easier route of lawn care. They will prune your plants with all the old skin so to speak.

Another ideal for your lawn if you have one is that it can get all its' nutrients it needs this year because the company that you choose will have a fertilizing option available for you. That means periodically throughout the spring and summer months, your grass can soak in the goodness of life. Plants in Florida only get some of what they need to have the adequate care throughout the year. This is why getting everything fertilized will help keep everything coming back to life strong year after year.

When you are ready to get some new looks into your yard or area, you will need to know a plan for irrigating your idea. The companies around Florida have the personnel that knows all ends of the spectrum. There is no need to hire separate companies to turn your idea into a reality. The is great for the new apartment complex or medical office that is being built.

All that is left to be done this new season of sun is to sit back and enjoy what you have to look at. It's just like having grandchildren. You can enjoy them as much as you want because someone else is taking care of them. No need to take on all the responsibility because it will all turn out marvelous.


It can be a back breaking chore when dealing with landscaping of any kind. It’s best to hire out the big task to the people who know the ins and outs of landscaping. Miami has some of the most qualified people to help get your landscape together and keep it looking its best.

Getting your landscape idea to have a repetition to it will help the people who you have hired for your lawn service. Miami has many plants, trees and mulch with rocks that will make any plain landscape look truly amazing and breathtaking. Your landscape should make a statement and come together as a whole as it wraps around your property whether it be your own home or an office building. Anyone looking at the landscape will give much respect to the time and effort it took to make this landscaping portrait.

Anything simple can be a dream come true to the maker and the worker. Simple can still mean something great in the world of landscaping. Miami has plant and tree combinations that are easy to plant and keep maintained throughout the year. With the many different colors of mulch that are available, the plainest looking landscape will be transformed by the lawn service. Miami workers are qualified and have taken courses to know what materials and plants complement each other.

Offsetting the plants and creating a stair like effect will give a nice transition up towards a window on a house or to the wall of an office building. Giving a garden some more excitement by adding a birdbath or statue will allow all the flowers to stand out and give a calming feeling to the atmosphere. You will enjoy sitting outside on the patio while the sun sets looking at the flowers and how well the work together. The trees will come in handy for shade from the warming sun in Florida.

If owning an office building the last thing you want your customers to remember is how bad the outside of the building looked. They won’t ever want to come back because they might think you won’t take care of them because you aren’t taking care of the outside. You will need the lawn service professionals to brighten up your business and make your outside appearance reflect your inside appearance.

Do your research and find out as much as you can about landscaping. Miami has a number of businesses that will help get your vision working. They will keep up with the maintaining of the property and make sure that each plant, tree and grass blade are alive and happy. They will keep this up all year round to give a smiles from any one at any time.

Getting a Miami Lawn Ready for Winter - According to Southern Scapes

While temperatures in Miami stay moderate through the winter months, while most of the United States experiences freezing temperatures, this doesn't mean there aren't landscaping and lawn issues that need to be considered when temperatures cool. According to a Miami landscaping company, there are some important steps homeowners need to take to maintain their lawn.

One of the first steps to preparing a yard for winter is mulching. Mulch isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it also helps retain moisture and helps the lawn get the necessary nutrients during the winter.

In Miami, it's also essential that the lawn is watered during the winter. This may sound strange to anyone from outside of Florida, but watering is necessary year-round in Miami. Even though it's surrounded by water with the largest coastline in the continental United States, Florida still experiences dry weather and droughts, particularly in winter when the lack of rainfall causes issues.

Lawns should be watered at least a week in the cool, dry season, but some lawns will require some more water.

Finally, We recommend taking advantage of the cool season to add some extra color to the lawn. Annuals like Impatiens are perfect for celebrating the season and adding color. A minimalist approach is best so even some rich, beautiful plants or flowers with simple white lights can make a big difference.

We specialize in mulching, landscaping and lawn maintenance in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. Southern Scapes is a full-service landscaping company founded in 1994. Their skilled staff serve apartment communities, homeowners associations, commercial properties and residential properties in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties with services that include landscaping design and installation, landscaping maintenance, irrigation maintenance, site plan evaluation and mulch blowing.

Landscaping and Lawn services in Miami, FL

A new landscape can provide your home with privacy and recreation while also increasing its monetary value. Landscaping Miami helps homeowners design beautiful and modern lots that can be performed on old or new properties. If your yard is in need of a new and improved look consider how you can add creativity into the area for restoration purposes. Do you want to transform a new site or restructure one that is already established? Even if you are starting over on an old piece of property you'll have a variety of lawn transformations to choose from.

If you're focusing on the lawn area consider sketching out your plans and working through the design stages carefully. Lawn Service Miami can help you perfect a finished design. Professionals point out that in order to get the look you desire it's necessary to have a master plan in full-effect. Instead of limiting yourself to an outline consider sketching out minor details. Your project will become more attainable when you work to accomplish the plan slowly and in stages. Take note that the average home owner takes years in order to get the look they desire on a budget.  Don't be afraid to take your time and do a little bit of yard bargain shopping!

If you are Landscaping Miami property consider different ways that you can obtain a design before investing too much money in a restoration that is overpriced. Think about adopting some of your own skills in order to save money on minor yard projects. If you have friends or relatives who are experienced in pouring concrete or structuring retaining walls, ask if they'd be willing to help you with the project or teach you a few things about landscaping. By learning about the foundation of the project and taking your time with the designs you can build a new yard complimentary toward the exterior of your home.

If you choose to hire Lawn Service Miami you can partner up with experienced workers and communicate to them about every aspect of the design you have in mind. You'll be able to transform your property into something much more extravagant with patience and careful planning. The best way to find a prominent service is by using referrals or looking into online reviews. Whether you want ornamental grasses or butterfly gardening you can obtain the finished product you desire by finding a reputable lawn service to work with.

Get Ready for Winter

Landscaping is a beautiful addition to any home and office building. Choosing a company is a choice that should be made for your lawn service. Miami has great choices to choose from so that you know you yard and space will get the best care that it deserves. Getting ready for the winter season is a great time start making plans to get your grass and shrubs taking care while it is not too hot outside.

The first thing that needs to be done is make a plan about what you would like to accomplish with your landscaping. Miami has many scrubs, plants and trees to choose from that will make your area look its best.

Next your will need to make sure that your budget can handle the work that needs to be done if you are changing your landscape around or if you are making sure that it stays tidy throughout the season. It's best if you do some research about the different companies that do lawn service. Miami has qualified professionals that will give you’re their expertise about the type of landscaping you really would like. They will tell you what works best in which area and type of soil. Sometimes grass can use excess water and during a drought that isn't good. Mulch or rock is a good addition to make your home or office space look great and keeping your water bill low as well.

Make sure you the company has the best materials to take care of your landscaping. Miami soil doesn't have all the nutrients that the grass and plants need to grow around the city. If fertilization is a service that is provided by the company then that is something that you should definitely jump into. They will know what times are best to fertilize your property to make your plants and grass spectacular at all times. They will keep on a regular schedule with you and you really won't be hassled with it at all. All you will get to do is help gaze at your flourishing greenery.

It won't matter if you want a full yard of grass and palm trees and some flowers. It won't matter if you want some bushes and colored mulch to advertise your business building. All that matters is that your whole yard looks professional and clean to anyone that comes into contact with it. Your business will look clean and inviting and your house will look like you really care about your surroundings. Your neighbors will be very pleased also because you take pride in where you live.

Get your plans together and meet with a qualified company in lawn service. Miami will make it sparkle.

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How to Choose the Right Company for Landscaping in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

There is really nothing like a beautifully cared for lawn with mature, colorful landscaping. While there are plenty of books and shows you can turn to if you want to do your own landscaping, this isn't recommended if you're planning a large or complex project, especially considering how difficult landscaping is to maintain in South Florida's hot son and poor soil conditions.

Of course, you don't want to trust your valuable lawn to just anyone, so you'll want to do your research to find the best company for landscaping in Fort Lauderdale, FL to get the results you're after.

Do Your Research

Before hiring a company that provides landscaping in Miami or the surrounding area, do your homework. Determine the kind of landscaping you'd like, because the landscaper you choose will also bring their own ideas to the space. You want to rely on their knowledge, but you also know the property better than anyone. Look at pictures online and landscaping in your neighborhood to get inspired, and remember that choosing a company that offers landscaping in Miami is a lot like hiring an interior designer. You'll need to "click" to get the best results.

Once you have a good idea of what you're looking for, start looking up companies that do landscaping and lawn service in Fort Lauderdale and get together a list of your favorites.

Get 3 Bids

Look at the qualifications of every company that does lawn service in Fort Lauderdale. Do they specialize in trees with an arborist on staff? Do they specialize in residential or commercial landscaping? Do they have advanced certifications? Narrow down your options to 3-5, and then begin making calls. Some landscapers may be too busy to accommodate you, but you'll want to schedule appointments to get bids from a few landscapers.

During the bid process, keep in mind many companies that do landscaping in Fort Lauderdale, FL are hesitant to reveal too many of their ideas during this bid process, as many have had experiences coming out to a homeowner's property and giving a detailed plan only to discover the homeowner simply took the ideas and did the work on their own. Don't be surprised if you don't receive a step-by-step plan.

You will want to get the details of the work in writing once you've chosen a landscaper. Find out how long the work will take to complete, any contingency plans for poor weather, whether any subcontractors are going to be used on your project, when the work starts, clean-up details, follow-up maintenance and guarantees on the work. The typical upfront payment for landscaping service in South Florida is between one-third and one-half of the total cost.