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Getting a Miami Lawn Ready for Winter - According to Southern Scapes

While temperatures in Miami stay moderate through the winter months, while most of the United States experiences freezing temperatures, this doesn't mean there aren't landscaping and lawn issues that need to be considered when temperatures cool. According to a Miami landscaping company, there are some important steps homeowners need to take to maintain their lawn.
One of the first steps to preparing a yard for winter is mulching. Mulch isn't just aesthetically pleasing; it also helps retain moisture and helps the lawn get the necessary nutrients during the winter.
In Miami, it's also essential that the lawn is watered during the winter. This may sound strange to anyone from outside of Florida, but watering is necessary year-round in Miami. Even though it's surrounded by water with the largest coastline in the continental United States, Florida still experiences dry weather and droughts, particularly in winter when the lack of rainfall causes issues.
Lawns should be wa…