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Friday, January 9, 2015

Demag Offering the best services in Crane Industry

The crane industry presents the most trusted name that is Demag, well-known for manufacturing of hydraulic cranes. Demag is a German company and have been into this business since 1906. Demag cranes produced by this company are popular all over the world. Presently, Demag is owned by an US company.

Initially, the company started manufacturing industrial cranes but later on, moved on to manufacturing excavators. Even today, Demag cranes is considered to be one of the largest suppliers and best manufacturers of different kinds of cranes including industrial cranes, hydraulic cranes and harbor cranes in the world. Demag service is offered by a dedicated team of technicians who ensure proper maintenance of these heavy machines. The technicians help in installation and regular maintenance of cranes. If your heavy machine calls for repairmen, Demag has express service that works round the clock to ensure minimum time loss in case of breakdown.

Demag crane, the most trusted company has been constantly striving to bring new innovations in the crane industry. The company has a chain of stores all over the world, selling spare parts of the cranes. These are the original spare parts sold to the customers. Apart from cranes, Demag cranes also build injection molding machines and compressors. Customers can boost of Demag services because once they place the order for spare part,s it gets delivered within 1 working day. Placing the order through online stores is hassle –free. The company offers different components of the cranes. The company offers spare parts for load detectors, rope guides and hoists as well.

Demag is a trusted brand name well-known for offering exceptional coverage in terms of maintenance and quality service. The expert technicians offer quality services to the industries as far as maintenance of the cranes is concerned. They also keep the customers updated about the new developments of the cranes and also support other companies for maintenance of cranes. Demag also organizes seminars to make the customers aware of the new products. The customers get to know how the new products are to be used and maintained. Even the spare parts are replaced within 24 hours.

Demag has been in the industry for more than a century and has established a strong network with different companies all over the globe. There are companies offering spare parts to the customers on behalf of Demag, without compromising on quality of services and products. So, customers can expect best deals and original products from such companies.