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Friday, January 9, 2015

Manitowoc Cranes, The leader in construction cranes

Manitowoc cranes are produced by The Manitowoc company, Inc and are treated as the frontrunners in the manufacturing of cranes for construction companies. It also has two service brands in the name of Manitowoc Crane Care and Manitowoc finance.

Manitowoc cranes manufacture four brands of cranes. These include lattice-broom crawler cranes, tower cranes and mobile telescopic cranes. These cranes are used for heavy construction and for wind farms. The complex commercial constructions also heavily rely on these cranes for the lifting and dumping of their loads during the process of construction. These cranes have become very popular in the construction companies because of their efficiency, toughness and versatility. The complex, commercial constructions use the tower cranes for any kind of civil engineering work. These cranes rise over hundreds of meters and can rotate in all directions proving to be highly efficient for industrial buildings and for construction of multi-storied complexes. The Manitowoc Cranes, a division of Manitowoc company, Inc USA acquired Grove Worldwide, another leading crane manufacturer in 2002. The Grove Worldwide is another front runner in the manufacturing of hydraulic cranes. When these two companies joined hands, they produced a unique crane called the Manitowoc Grove Cranes. It became very popular for its unique style and capability. Manitowoc’s Grove line also manufactured all-terrain, truck mounted, rough-terrain and Grove’s Yard Boss cranes.

Any kind of heavy cranes go for wear and tear. The cranes need repair and maintenance at regular intervals. So, all the branded crane manufacturers have their service departments and customer departments which deal with these problems. Manitowoc cranes also have a different division called Manitowoc Crane Care which deals with the service issues. This division provides the spare parts and helps in the smooth running of their cranes. But it is always not possible for them to have service branches all over the world. In such cases, they often hire external companies which help them with the repairing and spare parts supply. In case of a breakdown, the service technicians from these companies visit the site and solve the problem. The most complex machines require utmost care. To continue with the utmost efficiency, one or the other parts always need to be changed. Here, the companies often hire reliable groups to help them out.